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My name is Michalis Damianakis and, since 2001, I have been working as a taxi driver on Crete in the area of Matala, Pitsidia, Kalamaki and Kamilari.  Together with my wife, I live in the village of Pitsidia (near Matala) and I offer my taxi service all year round.

In these hectic and stressful times I will always get you safely to your destination!  You can rely on my dependable and punctual service whatever the weather.  
michalis taxi
My taxi
My vehicle is always in perfect condition, not just visually but also technically.  It is a very well looked after Limousine Peugeot 407 with:

•       air conditioner,
•       cream-coloured leather seats,
•       2 child seats (Group 1,2,3) (9-36kg), and
•       the possibility to take on board a foldable wheelchair (only after prior arrangement by phone).
I am happy to ...
transfer you from the airport or the port to your hotel and vice versa,
transfer you between hotels, and
drive you to the nearest town for shopping trips, to restaurants or to places of local interest.

Whatever the weather you can rely on me

Michalis Taxi - driving you safely. Bookings.